Self Loading Concrete Mixer

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Building the best self loading  mixer in the world.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer

  • From 1.0m³ to 7.5m³ Concrete Drum Capacity.
  • ±90° Drum Rotary with the World Uniquie Technology.
  • 4×4 wheel drive.
  • Automatic gearbox
  • 30° grade ability.
  • Pilot control & Japanese steel plate.
  • Laser cutting, robot welding, 1year or 2000hours guarantee.
  • CE Certificate by TÜV Rheinland, Germany

Brief Introduction of self Loading Mixer

The 6th generation self loading mixer upgraded the bucket down fuction,it truly realize the multi-purpose.At the same time,the enlarded brake caliper increased the braking performance and it is equiped with high pressure car washing pump to keep this self loading mixer clean.Meantime,we have enlarged the water tank to increase the concrete output.

At this point,This 6th generation self loading concrete mixer actually realize the multi-function of loading,unloading,mixing,transporting,car-washing etc.


The bucket can be turned down to achieve loader function with a multi-purpose machine.


Integrated design of drum can be rotated with the boom horizontally at the same time.


The ±90° rotating drum reduces operation steps and maximizes the concrete coverage area.


The cab has a Bidirectional driving function to ensure driving convenient in complex aera.


Forward-tipping drum makes the concrete to discharge more completely and faster.


The pilot control and touch screen are more flexible and convenient for operation.

Vedio & customization

ZHS Self loading mixer Introduction:

Front cab model & Colors are available.


self loading mixer details

  • Weighting Scale.
  • Camera & intelligent control.
  • Car Washing Pump.
  • Suction Pump.
  • Articulated Chasis.
  • Caliper Disk.
  • Reducer Box.
  • Hydraulic System.
  • Surface Treatment.

Self Loading Mixer models:

Drum Capacity: 1.0m³

Rated Power: 42kw

Output: 4.5m³/ hour

Drum Capacity: 1.5m³

Rated Power: 55kw

Output: 7m³/ hour

Drum Capacity: 2.5m³

Rated Power: 73kw

Output: 10.5m³/ hour

Drum Capacity: 3.2m³

Rated Power: 78kw

Output: 14m³/ hour

Drum Capacity: 4.0m³

Rated Power: 85kw

Output: 18m³/ hour

Drum Capacity: 5.5m³

Rated Power: 92kw

Output: 21m³/ hour

Drum Capacity: 6.5m³

Rated Power: 92kw

Output: 24m³/ hour

Drum Capacity: 7.5m³

Rated Power: 92kw

Output: 27m³/ hour

Pan Mixer: 3m³

Rated Power: 85kw

Output: 16m³/ hour

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