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Compact Rough Terrain Forklift

Compact Rough Terrain Forklift

  • 3-6ton Lifting Capacity.
  • USD9000 to USD15000 Per Unit
  • 4×4 wheel drive.
  • Automatic gearbox
  • hydraulic torque converter
  • 30° grade ability.
  • Pilot control & Japanese steel plate.
  • Laser cutting, robot welding, 1year or 2000hours guarantee.
  • CE Certificate by TÜV Rheinland, Germany

Brief Introduction

ZHS compact rough terrain forklift has good mobility,off-road and can load,unload stack and move goods safely on slope and uneven can be equipped with a cargo fork and other attachment to improve operation efficiently.

Our compact rough terrain forklift is designed more reasonable, the appearance is beautiful, and the kinetic energy conversion is reasonable. Front axle is equipped with slip differential,Hydraulic or hydrostatic transmission,Easy Operation(pilot control) and good passability. It is also with reinforced drive axle,wheel side planetary gear reduction and long working life.

Frame Structure - 1

Rough Terrain Forklift Frame structure
  • Thickened and Widened.
  • More loading Capacity.

Plate Chain - 2

Rough Terrain Forklift plate chain
  • Emergency Braking.
  • Avoid accidents. 

Tilt Oil Cylinder - 3

  • Max Tilt Angle 30°.
  • Double Cylinder.

Double pump - 4

  • Enough flow.
  • Powerful and stable.

Articulated chasis - 5

  • Small turning radius.
  • Hydraulic steering. 

Engine Hood - 6

wheel loader Engine-hood
  • Efficiency.
  • Easy-to-open engine hood.

Engine - 7

wheel loader powerful-engine
  • Brand Diesel Engine.
  • Water Cooled.

Instrument Panel - 8

  • Easy Operation.
  • 4 Forward and 2 reverse Gear. 

Seat - 9

  • Pilot Control.
  • Comfortable Seat.

Vedio & customization

ZHS Rough Terrain Forklift Attachment:

Soft Clamp


Rated power: 42kw

Rated Load: 3000kg

Lifting Height: 3m-6m

Rated power: 42kw

Rated Load: 3000kg

Lifting Height: 3m-6m

Rated power: 55kw

Rated Load: 3500kg

Lifting Height: 3m-6m

Rated power: 76kw

Rated Load: 4000kg

Lifting Height: 3m-6m

Rated power: 76kw

Rated Load: 5000kg

Lifting Height: 3m-6m

Rated power: 85kw

Rated Load: 6000kg

Lifting Height: 3m-6m

Rough Terrain Forklift Entire Workflow:

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